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Yoonah Jung was born in Seoul, S. Korea in 1985 : She has a Master of Fine Arts from CalArts in Experimental Animation and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Video, with an emphasis in painting from MICA. 

Jung’s work ranges from video installation, 2D hand drawn animation, to abstract painting and contains the idea of transformation and harmonic progression. Her works are observations of perpetual motion, natural activity and momentary effects showing consistencies and varieties in their movements. She uses natural objects such as light and water for visual metaphor because they have both unique colors which reflect on the environment. Her works have been shown in the LA Art Show, the LACMA Bing Theater (LA International Children’s Film Festival), ComicCon (San Diego, CA), WonderCon (Anaheim, CA), Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong), and the SPECTRUM Miami Art Show. 

추상 애니메이션을 전공한 정윤아 작가는 생명의 에너지가 넘치는 빛과 물의 흐름을 보여주는 회화 작품들을 선보입니다. 끓임없이 움직이는 순간을 포착한 듯한 정 작가의 작품은 다채로운 색감의 조화를 통해 시간을 통해 변화하는 생명을 표현합니다. 생명은 한 곳에 머물러 있지 않고 물처럼 흘러가며 빛과 같이 주변에 영향을 끼치며 성장해 나갑니다. 작품을 통해 관객은 성장을 위한 동력과 생동감, 그리고 움직임의 리듬을 느낄 수 있습니다. 

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